domingo, 25 de octubre de 2015

Watch Bride of the Century eng and spanish subs

Bride of the Century   

This is a funny and romantic comedy that you must watch!
Lee Hong Ki is the main character of this drama <3, playing Choi Kang Joo, an arrogant future heir of Taeyang's Corporation ,one of the most important in South Korea. 
Their parents want him to marry soon so they choose a girl for him, Yi Kyung. She and her family are having a bad time, so that can be a nice opportunity to them. But Choi Kang Joo treats her so badly that she scape and dissappear for a time. So Yi Kyung's family have to found her or lose the opportunity of being part of Taeyang's family and the money that takes...but Yi kyung's brother found another girl that looks too much a like to his sister, he can't believe it! Jang Yi (Yi Kyung's brother) make a deal with her, try to pretend to be Yi kyung until they found the real Yi Kyung before the weding... But can that be so easy like they think? What if the weding comes first? What can this girl do so?! Will she even marry to him or tell the truth to Choi Kang Joo?

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